Buyer Topics August 29, 2023

Home Buying and Recreational Activities

Okay, so you’re thinking of buying a home. You are concerned about what the home should look like and what amenities it should have. You should also think beyond the property survey boundary lines.

Buying a home has many facets that are important. If you like outdoor recreation, there are many things to consider that you won’t find on the MLS. During COVID, outdoor recreation was even more important.

Are you a runner like me? You may be thinking about where in your home your treadmill will go but you may not be thinking about running routes. Are there trails nearby to run on? How many miles can you log on them before you’re covering the same ground? Are there well-lit running areas for nighttime running? If you are new to the area, is there an active runner’s club? As a heads up, the Black Hills Runners Club is a very active group with runs in Rapid City and the Black Hills (they will have runs on the road/paved paths and dirt trails).

Do you like biking? Do you want to be close to the bike path or do you need dirt and hills for your biking fun? Rapid City offers Hanson-Larson Memorial Park and Skyline Wilderness Area—both include excellent mountain bike paths as well as running trails.

Are you someone who likes to workout with other people? Maybe you want to be close a YMCA or a gym.

Are you a golf enthusiast? Do you like the idea of walking out your backdoor and strolling onto the golf course? Would you enjoy watching golfers from your patio? Or perhaps disc golf is your preference?

How about tennis? Are there courts nearby? Or are you a racquetball fan? Are courts convenient for you?

Do you like to swim? Proximity to indoor or outdoor pools may be important to you.

How about hunting and fishing? Where will you do those?

Perhaps your idea of recreation is good food from a restaurant or looking at great artwork. You may want to look at being close to downtown. How close are the homes to where you want to be? There’s nothing like going to have a big, delicious meal and then walking home—with the feeling that you might burn off some of the calories.

These are some of the questions that you should be exploring when looking for a home. Often it is the surrounding area that makes home ownership a fantastic blessing—if you choose wisely.  Frequently those activities that connect you with your neighbors and your community give you a better sense of “home.”  Also, when it comes to home selling a home, those outdoor opportunities may entice potential buyers to your home.

If you are curious, here’s a link to Rapid City’s top 10 parks. Of course, your ranking might be different depending on what you like.

Take some time, think about what you want in—and near—your home. Then give me a call and I will gladly help you find your way home.