Buyer Topics Home Buying and Recreational Activities Okay, so you’re thinking of buying a home. You are concerned about what the home should look like and what amenities it should have. You should also think beyond the property survey boundary lines. Buying a home has many facets that are important. If you like outdoor recreation, there are many things to consider that […]
Buyer Topics First-Time Home-Buyer Programs that can help you achieve home ownership Are you looking at Rapid City homes for sale and have finally decided that it’s time to stop looking and buy? If you are looking at purchasing your first home, there are many factors that go into determining how much you can afford. The best way to find out for sure is to meet with […]
Buyer Topics Location, Location, Location When buying a home, you’ve probably heard the phrase a million times, “Location, location, location.” What does it really mean? Why is it so important? One of the most interesting things about real estate is that no two properties are exactly alike. You may be thinking that you’ve seen developments with many homes that are […]
Buyer Topics Settling Cracks: When to Worry and How to Protect your Foundation Many homes will experience settling cracks. As the home adjusts to its place in the world (and the soils beneath it adjust to the pressure), a home will settle into its location. Settling typically occurs in the first three years of a home’s existence. When a house settles, it may create some small, thin cracks […]
Buyer Topics Mortgage Interest Rates – A Historical Perspective Over the past year, interest rates have been climbing. Expectations are that interest rates will level off as the Federal Reserve has indicated that they are not pushing for higher increases. At times in 2021, interest rates were near record lows. The record low 30-year mortgage rate was 2.65% set in January 2021. The 30-year […]
Buyer Topics Is Now the Time to Buy a New Home? Are you wondering whether or not to get into the real estate market? You may be wondering about timing—whether you are looking at buying a home or selling a home. When is the best time to jump in? First of all, anytime is good. I know you are probably thinking, “You’re a Realtor®, of course […]
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