Seller Topics December 8, 2023

Decorating for the Holidays When Your Home is For Sale

Selling a home during the holidays can be a great opportunity. Inventory is typically lower and the people shopping for a new home are usually serious buyers. Keep in mind that they are doing their shopping at open houses instead of stores.

Homeowners are often uncertain about how they should decorate for the holidays. Here are some ideas of what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. For example, you absolutely should avoid doing the “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” home style decorating!

In all seriousness, you do not want to decorate in a way that would distract a potential home buyer. They are looking to see your home. They don’t want to see an abundance of lights that can be seen from a satellite orbiting the Earth.

Subtle decorating also makes more sense. Rather than strings of lights throughout your home, think about some white lights on the fireplace mantle. White lights will also brighten your home a bit during a time of year when the days are shorter and homes may seem a little darker.

Also, rather than using an abundance of bold colors consider trying to stay as neutral as possible to fit in with your home and only have some small splashes of color that are not overpowering. Silver, gold, green, white, and some red, are fine. You don’t want a potential home buyer’s eye to be drawn to your decorations rather than your home.

Keep it simple and on the subtle side.

If you have a Christmas tree, it’s best to have one that is not too large. Keep in mind that a large tree will make a room look smaller and feel cluttered. Again, stick with simple ornaments. With any decorating it’s always best to avoid ornaments with family photos as that can make it harder for a potential home buyer to envision your home as their home.

Most importantly, enjoy the holidays! A buyer may be coming through your door and giving you a Christmas present of a solid offer on your home!