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It’s a Wonderful Life – The Importance of Home

During the holidays many people watch the classic Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” starring Jimmy Stewart (as George Bailey), Donna Reed (as Mary Hatch/Mary Bailey), and Lionel Barrymore (as Mr. Potter).

On the one hand it is a story about how an angel (Clarence) shows George Bailey what the world would have been like if he never existed. In the end he realizes that his life amounted to far more than he realized.

Another important part of the story the storyline is the importance of owning a home.

That theme starts out with the old Granville house and George and Mary looking at it. George wants to throw a rock at it to break a piece of glass on the remaining windows for “good luck.” Meanwhile, Mary loves the old house and sees something in it that no one else does. She sees it as home.

The Granville house can be very generously described as a unique fixer-upper. When it is first seen it is in horrible shape. One their wedding night, Mary calls George and tells him to come home to 320 Sycamore. He has no idea where that is.

Mary has the fireplace going and has tried to temporarily fix up the dilapidated as a honeymoon suite. The roof leaks and it is a mess—but that is the first step to it becoming their home.

Years later we see them happily living in this grand old home with their children. Most of the home seems repaired except for a piece of the banister that George seems to be reminded of as an unfinished project. It shows that a broken down piece of real estate became a home.

Another aspect is the importance of owning a home and the role it plays in the community.

Old man Potter wants to own everything and would rather have the people of Bedford Falls paying rent to him. The Baileys run a Savings and Loan that helps people afford their home. They note that owning a home makes people better citizens.

When George “has never been born” he gets to see what happens when people aren’t given the opportunity to own their own home. The community is changed and is no longer the family oriented place—instead it is a town with high rates of crime and broken dreams.

If you aren’t aware, the REALTOR code of ethics emphasizes the importance of having more people own land. Back in the feudal system in England peasants didn’t own land and were at the whim of the land-lords.

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