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Location, View and Clean Windows!

Location, location, location! It’s a cliché that you hear nearly every time you have a discussion about real estate. Why? Every single piece of property is unique. Its location is unique—and it can be either good or bad.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people prefer city views and the conveniences that come with being inside a city. Others prefer a view of the hills or a creek and want to have some space…the final frontier…

So, location is unique and will always play a role in the marketability of a home—for better or for worse. The ability to sell a home that is located on a busy street may be a challenge. At the same time, a home that is in a business section of town may become more valuable for the land and location for a business, but not necessarily as a home.

Buying a home on a very busy street may be less expensive than a similar home in a quiet neighborhood. But, also keep in mind that resale value may not appreciate as rapidly due to the location and view. These are all considerations to think about.

Views are something that I believe are often overlooked in real estate. Sometimes a home may be on a sloped lot and have a steeper driveway, or it might be a raised ranch—but it may provide far superior views when compared to the home right next to it that does not have the same slope.

I believe it is a real estate professional’s job to find those things that make a home more appealing. For example, if a home has a clear view of Black Elk Peak (formerly called Harney Peak)—even at a distance—it’s still a visual reward and an enticement for people to purchase a home.

If your home is fortunate enough to have a great view, make sure that your windows are clean if you are putting it on the market. A clean window will help a person feel as though they are closer to the beautiful scenery than if they were separated by a dirty window. Clean windows also will let in more natural light. It’s amazing the difference it can make in the view and the feel of a home.

All too often there aren’t photos of the views that a home can provide. Many times a lower priced home will have a great view—it’s just not marketed. I believe that aspect is important when selling any home.

When I was at an open house selling a home that required a person to climb a dozen steps to get to the main front door, many people would complain about the steps. The first thing I would do is to suggest that they turn around and look at the view. The next comment was always something like, “Oh, wow!” Then I’d point out that the stairs make that beautiful view possible. Suddenly, the stairs weren’t the same obstacle for a buyer. Instead they became a stairway to heaven!

Remember that each and every piece of real estate is unique. Share what you love about your location and the view of your home. Do trees bloom with flowers in the spring? Is your home close to a store that most people would love? Is it just convenient to almost everything? Do you have a view you enjoy—hills, park, lake, or even unique architecture?

Even though people may love different things about your home than you do, there is always a good chance that someone may fall in love with the same feature that you did.